Great Central Brewing Company is a collaborative brewery.

Our Mission

We work everyday to serve ideas and our community with heart, vitality and muscle. We’re dedicated to keeping the Chicago-born spirit of ingenuity pumping and alive in the world.

Simply because there’s always a solution, always a way forward.

Our Story

Great Central Brewing Company was created in 2015 by two friends who love beer, love making ideas come to life and wanted to contribute to the craft beer community. We named the brewery after the Great Central Train Station, once at the heart of our country’s commerce. Trains moved through Chicago like ventricles and arteries, connecting people, places and plans. From near and far, makers came to the Great Central Marketplace to exchange their goods and ideas.

That’s why we’re called Great Central Brewing Company, to honor this “great central” heritage with everything we create together.

Our Beers

We brew great, timeless beers. Free from trends, we believe in what’s always good. To us, this time-honored approach to brewing celebrates a classic Chicago attitude: work hard, be good to each other, and share a beer with your neighbors every now and again.

For the Makers

We love making stuff and we love to help other makers stay on the make. Learn more about who we partner with and how we can help your growing craft business keep growing.