Our Beers

Great Central brews great, timeless beers. Our state-of-the-art brewing technology, built brand new in 2015, is fully automated for precision and consistency. All our beers are made in our 50bbl German-engineered brewhouse in Chicago’s Brewing District by our classically-trained team, led by graduates of Doemens and Heriot-Watt. Our people love craft beer. Their skills and intelligence keeps us grounded, humble and constantly learning.

About our beers

At Great Central, we proudly brew according to the German purity law which means we only use malt, hops, water and yeast. In fact, our Brew Master handpicks the hops, direct from verdant German farms. Complex flavors emerge from these four main ingredients alone, highlighting the skill and precision of our team. It’s simple and honest and, we believe, the finest way to brew great beer.


The Great Central Pilsner is a timeless beer. Dry hopped for bright, punched-up flavor, we’ve given this subtle floral, spicy recipe a fresh, modern update. Fresh and crisp, our easy-drinking Pilsner is your all-occasion go-to brew, a pure delight any time, every time.
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The Great Central Helles is an easy-drinking beer for hard-working people. Simple, clean and balanced, precision is a must in crafting this full-bodied brew, a true lager with special attention paid to fermenting for nuanced flavor — and we know our care and craftsmanship is appreciated by makers like you who enjoy this delicious, malty beer most.
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This bold, yeast-forward wheat beer, the Great Central Hefeweizen, is the summer breeze of beers, any time of year. The aromas of banana and clove will take you straight to that delicious, sunny feeling at the crack of the can. It’s like a block party in a can. And you’re all invited.
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